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ToolShare™ Program

Molded parts require tooling - there's simply no way around it and production tooling can be a costly proposition. But what if you approach ThermoPore early enough in the design process and your assembly embodies enough flexibility to accommodate a part made form existing ThermoPore tooling? Alternatively, have you ever wondered if your part design and subsequent production tool has potential applications in other non-competitive industries. If you answered "yes" to either question then keep reading.

Consider the recent development project whereby ThermoPore was asked to produce a single diameter, industrial, hydrophobic wick. The same part geometry just happened to meet the needs of a development engineer designing a perfume cosmetic applicator. So what did ThermoPore do? We built a bridge between these two seemingly unrelated and non-competitive project opportunities and enrolled the tool into ThermoPore's ToolShare™ program.

So what is the ToolShare™ program and how does it work? If you chose to enroll your production tool into ThermoPore's ToolShare™ program, you'll receive tooling at a substantially reduced cost AND the product made from this tool will be sold to you for exclusive use into your selected market application. Even more, ThermoPore will cover the tools maintenance and replacement cost for life of the part's enrollment. Mean while, ThermoPore will make available this tool available to customers use into markets that are non-competitive to your business interest. Leverage ThermoPore's ToolShare™ for you own benefit today!

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