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Industrial Design

Industrial Design made Simple. Industrial Design firms around the world are constantly in search of innovative material solutions that can be applied to their client’s projects.  Each year, these design firms spend a considerable amount of time and effort learning about the idiosyncrasies of ThermoPore’s new and innovative materials….but at whose expense? 

In an effort to streamline the learning curve and to ensure that more of your money is applied to the creative process (as opposed to the learning curve), ThermoPore is collaborating with the design talent of Formation Design Group.  Loaded with talent and diverse experience, Formation Design brings to the table our complete endorsement and a proven track record of success as evident by their consistent standout performance in numerous international design competitions including the IDSA/ Business Week IDEA competition.

Contact us today to find out how ThermoPore and Formation Design Group can work together to support your next turn key project.

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