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OEM Supply

OEM Supply made simple. So where can you find material science in action? Everywhere. As an OEM supplier of specialty porous materials, you'll find potential ThermoPore's material applications stretching from the operating room to the cosmetic counter and everywhere in between. Of course, you won't necessarily see the ThermoPore name on the label but rest assured that you can find our products behind the scenes.

ThermoPore's business model is simple - we supply innovative material solutions to manufacturers who then incorporate that material into a larger assembly. In some cases, that assembly might represent a finished part and in other instances that assembly might be an intermediate sub-assembly. In either case, ThermoPore material solutions are viewed as enabling materials that eventually must conform to standard fit, form, and function requirements.

ThermoPore's business experience and expertise includes OEM supply into the medical, consumer, industrial, and automotive fields. Equally important, ThermoPore associates appreciate and understand the development cycles associated with each. From the scale associated with a consumer product launch to the regulatory requirements associated with a medical device, ThermoPore is prepared to support your next endeavor. Call today to launch your next project.

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