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Porous plastic pipette filter
Porous plastic Nib

Assembly made simple. As an OEM supplier of various porous plastics technologies, ThermoPore's materials are often found behind the scenes. Does a secondary assembly step take place in your operation with ThermoPore's part? Probably so. Does ThermoPore have the ability to assist you in this endeavor? You bet. Depending upon the exact nature of your assembly needs, ThermoPore can provide secondary assembly services that enable faster production or more efficient conversion of your sub assemblies. Beyond traditional assembly services, ThermoPore can sometimes create insert molding or post molding assembly operations that dove tail with our existing production flow arrangements.

Projects vary on a case by case basis. ThermoPore assembly solutions do too. The constant element in the presence of all the variations, however, is ThermoPore's commitment to ensuring that your project, product, and assembly get treated with the same level of care and attention to detail that you expect from a first rate supply partner. Time and time again, ThermoPore delivers on turn-key projects. Contact us and start yours today.

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