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About Us

So you want to know a little more about the team behind the name. We’ll truth be told, we’re a collection of individuals who are naturally curious about how and why thing work. We're also constantly asking ourselves “Is there a better way?” Add to the mix a fundamental belief that material science and porous plastics holds the key to creating a better tomorrow and you’ve got the basic genetic code of ThermoPore.

Each planning period, we sit down and map out plans for the coming quarter. During these meetings, plans are created for ThermoPore’s next growth step in a direction that peaks our interest and supports our mission. Inevitably, there are always two or three projects that rise to the top of that list which seem to support the mission better than others. Then, three months later, we circle the wagons again to critique, assess, and review each project to determine if it has move us any further along on our journey.

The underling logic behind this process is based on the premise that a one million mile journey is really just a simple collection of many, many, small steps….all headed in the right direction. We believe that good direction is created by good decisions…good decisions stem from good opportunities…and good opportunities result from proper preparation and good timing.

The good opportunities part....well, this is where your knowledge, your insight, and your individual needs factor into the equation. Your input defines ThermoPore’s opportunities. Your input combined with our preparation yield good decisions that result in good direction. This section “About Us” is less about us (“us” as in ThermoPore) and more about us (defined as you and ThermoPore).

In the end, we realize that ThermoPore's longevity and success is inherently tied to yours. You see, we’ve got a vested interest in helping you transform those creative ideas, concepts, and development opportunities into tangible products. Why? It's simple. The production of your part, component, material, process, or widget enables us to exercise our mission to create a better life for the masses through creative use and leverage of material science. Call this self awareness a three hundred and sixty degree approach to doing business; call it good practice, good mojo, or good karma. Whatever your preference, it’s what’s found at our company’s core.

So here’s our commitment. Bring us an opportunity, bring us a project, bring us your ideas, and we’ll do everything that we can to help you realize your potential through ThermoPore's mission statement because in the end, your input places us on course for a very long and rewarding journey into the business of material science!

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