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Materials Research

Material Research made simple. ThermoPore's relentless pursuit of continuous improvement paves the way to innovation - specifically material innovation. Too often material research efforts result in a technology that never sees commercialization. Therefore, the fundamental goal of ThermoPore's Material Research Program is to transform material research into commercialized material solutions.

Relationships with university and various national laboratories coupled with ThermoPore's own in-house talent create a dynamic opportunity for the creative development of new materials. Even better, ThermoPore has pioneered a four-step program that promises to keep your research program on track, on time, and on budget.

ThermoPore is currently pursuing collaborative development projects that involve new and improved manufacturing processes for existing material technologies, augmented materials properties (providing new material functionality to existing material structures), and new sustainable porous materials. Contact ThermoPore today to leverage our knowledge towards your next material solution or open a dialog using ThermoPore's Innovation form.  Go To My Innovation

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