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Materials Conversion

Material Conversion made Simple. It's rare that ThermoPore serves up a standard part solution for immediate implementation into a development project. However, we can and often times do turn to any number of conversion processes that provide infinite options for standard parts. These options open the door to practical and efficient design solutions.

Die cutting, slitting, welding, and post production material treatment options fall into the broad category of material conversion. Multiple conversions are sometimes utilized to create a broad range of finished parts from simple origins. Take, for example, the need for a standard hydrophobic vent. Can your project accommodate a part that is die-cut from a standard sheet material? If yes, do you need an adhesive ring placed on the outer edge of one side of the part? Do you need the vent subsequently positioned onto a release liner and wound onto a core for an automated assembly operation? Do you know who to call for a turnkey conversion solution? Yes, ThermoPore.

Along with ThermoPore's in house conversion capabilities, we employ the expertise of multiple business partners to deliver solution across a broad array of conversion capabilities so that you need not worry about the logistics of your order- one order, one delivery, one ThermoPore.

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