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Thermo News

Surface Chemistry Magic

The guys and gals at MIT are at it up some new magic with their surface chemistry mambo-jambo. This little trick caught our eye, and we think that the die hard surface chemists out there (you know who you are) will be equally as impressed. MIT's description for their smart surface technology (as if they really needed to call it "smart") is in one simple word "eloquent." Flip a switch and a formerly hydrophobic material becomes hydrophilic. Pass me the remote..I gotta see this.

Dynamics of Water Entry of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Spheres

This is a way cool video that demonstrates the influence of an object's hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface property with water. As simplistic as this sounds, the various types of video captured by the folks at MIT showcase surface energy/surface tension in action. Grab your popcorn. We give this flick two thumbs up.

Thermo.TV is's Alive...

ThermoPore has taken to the airways with seven new feature flicks for your viewing pleasure. We're not sure if ThermoPore's Ken Milam is going to make it to the Oscars...but he's gotten at least one call from his mother letting him know that she's proud! Tune in and watch Ken demystify capillary systems and filtration theory - we need to pay for some additional acting lessons.

Demonstration of the Lotus effect

So, do you think that ski jacket is going to keep you warm and dry when you go over the tips on your next double black diamond run? Okay, it probably will. But, will it stay clean when your buddy drops his slope side chilly dog on the same apparel? Well, it would if it offered the same properties as the Lotus plant. This weeks featured fight - Lotus vs. Honey. Let's get it on!

Super Hydrophobic Surfaces

Super hydrophobic coatings - here's another example of Hydrophobicity Gone Wild. Most impressive was the identification of the air/water interface that is found at the surface of the coated solid. Cudos to Neil Shircliffe for a well documented video that makes material science simple.

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